Study with emotional attentiveness helps to make a good lesson to make a good student


It’s really cool to make a good student and teach or share any knowledge with others if some emotional attentiveness are attached with the specific lesson. People enjoy the lessons and make them more free with that lesson that is really good to be the best from others.

Today I have felt this kinds of practical sensitive topics. Because the listener was? cool and I was giving some lecture with various kinds of topics and I think that listener has enjoyed that things. After the session comment’s of that listener has made inspiration to write this topics.

Wanna keep continuing this and we should always practice this kinds of session, environment, feels and the way to learn and teach or share the knowledge. I think it will make a good medium for both listener and lecturer to learn or teach something.

I really enjoyed the session with the listener.


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Academic Course VS academic project


What is the source of power? Knowledge is power. How we can get knowledge? There are various source of knowledge. Naturally we know from our school, college & university called academic study. We have several topic, we read it & then make sure that we don?t forget it. That means we are memorizing. What is the benefit of memorizing? I don?t know but of course there are benefits.

In the university if there are several topics not lots topic there are a chance of repetition. Yaa, a question can arise what kind of repetition, its question repetition.? What I?m reading now, it has been read by the immediate previous batch. There are 70 to 80 % chances to be the same question. It?s pretty easy to get the good mark if I follow the previous question. If the course teachers notice it, there is nothing to do, because there are no other questions.? I think it would be the right judgment of a student merit. Yes, the question can be get return with the answer script but still the problem does not solved. Actually through this system what can we learn, it?s a big question. Why we don?t do real project each & every term? We can divide the course duration. The half of duration we will study about the course & the second half duration we will do a project. I?m sure when a student going to do a project he/she need to study a lot, because it not like memorizing. When a student will do his/her project he/she never become abele to forget it. Now compare it with the memorizing, after few days, few weeks, and few moths or few years you will forget your memorizing? ?study. But when a student do project he/she never forget it, even if try to forget it but he/she can?t it. It?s the amazing part of your memory.




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Be inspired yourself

Dear Everybody

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